LED Control on MACE MM (QR)

I am currently connecting Mace Reader to Wirenboard 6 using RS-485, i need help on connecting the LED Control to remotely control the LED/Buzzer on identification and validation.
Please clarify using example if possible.

Thank you.

Hello ahmedelshaari,
according to docs there are two ways to control LEDs.
The hardware way: according to the specifications you need to set TTL signal (+5V, or maybe +3.3V) to control the LEDs and the buzzer, so you may use one of our WBIO modules to swith the power, relay (https://wirenboard.com/ru/product/WBIO-DO-R1G-16/) or solid state relay module (https://wirenboard.com/ru/product/WBIO-DO-SSR-8/).

As far as I understand you can aslo control teh LEDs and buzzer using software commands.
These could be found in the Firmware Manual (see the Add new device template topic)