Wirenboard Docker Dev Environment

Good day.

I need some assistance running a dev environment for the wirenboard so that i could compile nodejs program using pkg. I would like to add the building process to our pipelines to automate the build process for multiple versions of wirenboard but i haven’t had success after reading the documentation.

Good day!
Please describe what you are doing and at what stage the problems occur.

I installed wbdev script, started the environment successfully as chroot. I installed packages and built python 3.10 but i am unable to achieve persistence in the env. I have to reinstall everything again.

If you use this: Сборка образов прошивки — Wiren Board
you need remove/comment

echo "Create new clean rootfs" 
rm -rf \$ROOTFS

to disable clean created rootfs.

This is what im using:

#!/bin/bash -e
FNAME=mktemp /tmp/wbdev.sh.XXXXX
docker run --entrypoint cat ${WBDEV_IMAGE} /wbdev_second_half.sh > ${FNAME}
chmod a+x ${FNAME}
cleanup() {
rm ${FNAME}
trap cleanup EXIT