Suggestion to WB create a very useful device

I have noticed that other manufactures use a Micro module to be installed behind the juntion boxes. This type of devices brings a lot of wire and labor saving , making the instalation a lot easier .

I hope you really develop something similar to this


Manuel Dias

Good afternoon.
We have a similar solution for two inputs (or ds18b20): WB-M1W2 Преобразователь для термометров 1-Wire — Wiren Board
For 2 inputs and 2 outputs: Двухканальный модуль реле WB-MRM2-mini v.2 — Wiren Board

Good afternoon,

Yes i am aware of the models you describe , and they are interesting , but as you know a tipically sleeping room with two windows/openings , needs about 10 inputs in average for switches , so one device per room could collect all inputs, this would save a lot of labor labor and wiring.
Having outputs are not so relevant because the inductive load capacity is to low to control motors found at blind shutters. Dou you agree or could point me a better solution ?



Users have tried such KNX modules and are satisfied.

But you can also do some DIY and build yourself on Arduino:

We don’t have anything similar in functionality for sale yet. I’ll add the request to the list, maybe we’ll do it.

Users have tried such KNX modules and are satisfied.

How do i integrate KNX in your Modbus / RS 485 architecture ?

Модуль расширения: KNX, WBE2-I-KNX — Wiren Board - the module allows you to connect devices to the KNX controller.