WB-RGB default fade time


I’ve managed to control one of your WB-RGB dimmers using the Modbus Poll utility. I noticed than whenever I change the individual channel values through addresses 0,1 or 2, the dimmer always fades between the current value and the new value in approximately 1 second. Is there any way to adjust this fade time? Ideally I would like to be able to chose between instant change (fade time = 0 sec) or a user-defined change (fade time = n).



You’re right, the fade time is exactly 1 second. At the moment, it’s not possible to change this behavior via Modbus.

This feature is quite simple to add though. We will consider adding it into new firmware in coming months.
You can speed up this process by buying 10+ devices.

Hi Evgeny,

Thanks for the quick reply. Great! That was already my plan so I’ll put in an order for 10 units. Should I add a note to hold shipment until the firmware update is complete or can I flash them myself?

Again, many thanks!

Unfortunately, it’s not possible for you to flash the devices by yourself. The special SWD programmer tool is needed to do so, and, moreover, we don’t normally distribute the firmware.

So the first option is better. It shouldn’t take much time anyway.

Ok, understood! Order placed.

May I suggest a fade time specified in seconds between 0 and 255? I realize that a 4.25 minute fade (value=255) may not look very smooth but I can accept that.

Or perhaps at a minimum the possibility to choose values between 0-10 seconds which would mean 40mS per step with 0-255?



It has been over a month now since I ordered and paid for the 10 dimmers and I still have received no news from WirenBoard. I’ve tried contacting you via email twice and have had no response either. Can you please give me an approximate date of shipment.

Thank you,

@EvgenyBoger как дела с устройствами с возможностью изменения fade time?

Если пошли в серию - я бы прикупил один в замену “старому”. Мне для аквариума, для управления освещением. Сейчас костыли в виде многоступенчатого снижения яркости, хотелось бы что бы оно было плавнее :grinning:

Да, пошли в серию. Единственное, мы пока не придумали как сделать это изменение логарифмическим. Сейчас оно плавное в том смысле, что яркость светодиодов меняется линейно со временем.