WBIO-DI-WD-14 minimum impulse width seems too long

Good evening!

I’m trying to use WBIO-DI-WD-14 to register inputs from a button to trigger WBIO-DO-R10R-4, however the minimum pulse width (i.e. the length of button press) seems to be very long.

According to the documentation, the module should register anything over 10 ms (минимальная ширина импульса для срабатывания), but in practice, it seems to be closer to 300+ ms. I didn’t use a pulse generator, but when I press the button (or simply connect the two wires – GND and IN14), the delay is significant. I’m monitoring the value both via the web interface as well as ssh like this:

mosquitto_sub -t "/devices/wb-gpio/controls/EXT2_IN14"

Based on the documentation, it was my understanding that WBIO-DI-WD-14 would be able to register very short button presses, i.e. react de facto instantly. Is this correct? Could you help me identify the issue, please?

I’m using WB7 with two external I/O modules. Slot 1 is occupied by WBIO-DO-R10R-4 (this operates practically instantly when I activate the relays via the web interface), slot 2 by WBIO-DI-WD-14.

Good day.
WBIO module use hardware interrupts and can handle short impulse.
Please provide the controller software version, release number.
It is output in field “Release name”
Screenshot from 2022-05-24 13-43-20

In earlier versions of WB7 software, there was a bug associated with WBIO not working correctly.
Update the software by running ‘’‘apt update && apt upgrade’’’ twice.

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Thank you for the quick reply, the upgrade has successfully fixed the issue!

The web interface does not respond quickly enough (not a problem), but when I connect via ssh and launch the MQTT client, I can see that button presses are registered practically instantly.

I was using version wb-2201, now it’s wb-2204. Excuse me for asking before upgrading, I’m still learning. Next time I’ll do this first. :slight_smile:

I am glad to help. Software development is a process in which, unfortunately, errors cannot be ruled out.
We try to fix them as quickly as possible.

You have an excellent question, in which the problem is well and full described, it is pleasant to answer such a question. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I appreciate your kind words! As a software developer myself, I fully understand that minor issues like this one are a normal part of the process, plus I learned something new about the inner workings while I tried to look for a solution myself, so there’s been no inconvenience at all.

I’m very happy with the whole platform – active development, open source, fantastic system architecture, quick support, etc. You guys are doing a great job! :clap:

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