Planning a greenhouse electrical panel


i am planning a greenhouse with the following features:


i am interested in this Control unit for a 50 meters by 9 meters for a hydroponics operation but i have some questions please:

2 X motorised doors
4X 34” dc belt fans
1X Light bulb for night visits
2X evaporative water cooling/heating units

Can one Wiren board 4 handle such operation ?
is there an expansion board that can extend the relays available ?

many thanks.

I think it’s necessary for such a system to use RS-485 bus. It works reliably over large distances.
Relay modules can be installed near fan or pump and connect them to a common RS-485 bus connected to the single controller.
Relays modules of our production:
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Thank you for your reply
do you think Wiren Board 4 is a good fit for the job ?


Of course. Wiren Board 4 is designed for the job.