Web Interface on MAP12H device

We have bought MAP12H Energy meter. We need one information regarding this product:

Does this module have web interface support? If yes, please explain how to access it.

I am referring to this page which https://wirenboard.com/wiki/Power_Meter_WB-MAP12H_Measuring_Parameters.The topic of the page translated to English is “WB-MAP counters: measured parameters and errors, their names in the Wiren Board web interface”. What does it mean by Web Interface?

Good day! Thank you for your interest about our products.

Does this module have web interface support? If yes, please explain how to access it.

No, unfortunately energy meters don’t have their’s own web interface. They can be configured only using Modbus commands. For configuration and reading values from MAP12H you can use our controller Wirenboard 6 or use special tools: for example modbus_client tool under Linux or Modbus Poll under Windows (Работа с устройствами Wiren Board без контроллера — Wiren Board)

What does it mean by Web Interface ?

Web-interface means a way of access, configuring and programming our controller Wirenboard 6 using web-browser. You can read more about this here Веб-интерфейс Wiren Board — Wiren Board (in Russian) and here Wiren Board Web interface v.1.0 — Wiren Board (outdated version, in English).


Thanks for the quick response. I have another query:

If I want to reset the device to its initial configuration values of registers, is there any way to do that?

Hello! Yes sure, there is a way how to do it. You can reset settings to initial values using wb-mcu-fw-flasher tool (Сервисная утилита wb-mcu-fw-flasher — Wiren Board). It will be better to have only one device connected to RS-485 port before starting flashing (to prevent flashing another device in case of mistake).

At first read a signature of your device using following command (use your own boudrate, parity, stopbits, port and address in arguments of modbus_client tool (Утилита «modbus_client» — Wiren Board), because they can be different) :

echo -e $(modbus_client -mrtu -b9600 -pnone -s2 /dev/ttyRS485-1 -a 25 -t3 -r 290 -c 12 | grep Data | sed -e 's/.*Data://' -e 's/ 0x00/\\x/g')	

If signature of the new firmware is not same with the signature of your device, flashing is impossible.
If you use our controller Wirenboard 6, please, don’t forget to stop driver wb-mqtt-serial before any usage of manual communication or flashig commands:

service wb-mqtt-serial stop

And then (before normal work) you should start it again:

service wb-mqtt-serial start

Download suitable firmware from here (http://fw-releases.wirenboard.com), according to signature of your device.

Then follow steps in section “Загрузка прошивки в устройство” (“Loading firmware to device”) here: Обновление прошивки Modbus-устройств Wiren Board — Wiren Board .

You should use the key “-e” of wb-mcu-fw-flasher to reset settings of your device. Memory of the device will be erased and then it will be flashed. For example for device connected to port RS-485-1 with address 25 and default communication parameters run following command:

wb-mcu-fw-flasher -b9600 -pN -s2 -e -j -d /dev/ttyRS485-1 -a 25 -f ./firmware.wbfw

For connection to the device after settings reset use following parameters: address 1, baudrate 9600, parity N (none), stop bits 2.

Also there is an easier way to do it - tool wb-mcu-fw-updater (Утилита обновления прошивок wb-mcu-fw-updater — Wiren Board). It is smarter and may be easier for usage. Use key “–restore-defaults” when using it for settings reset.

Thanks a lot! Really appreciate the support.