New Wiren Board user, cant understand which devices to buy

Good afternoon

My question is to engineers and those who have experience with smart home automation.

I am a student and currently writing about SmartHome Automatization.
One of the tasks to solve the problem is to order all the necessary devices and configure them in such a way that it is possible to measure power consumption for a small apartment.

  1. interrogate sensors at a frequency of 1 time per second
  2. save this data in “CVS” format
  3. Subsequent analysis of data from electricity consumers

Please recommend a complete set of necessary devices and recommendations on the optimal solution for solving problems 1 and 2.

Is it enough to buy and connect these devices to achieve my goal?:

  1. WB-MAP3E - Three-phase meter with RS-485, Modbus RTU
  1. KCT-6 - Split-core Current Transformer
  1. WB-USB485 - USB to RS-485 Interface Converter
  1. Wiren Board 7 - Programmable automation controller with open source Linux-based software

or I need something else?

If you have ready-made projects, templates, where could I see it, how to connect modules and controllers?
How it works (video, for example)

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Добрый день

Мой вопрос к инженерам и тех, кто имеет опыт с автоматизацией умного дома.

Я студент и на данный момент пишу диплом. Одно из задач по решению проблемы заказать все нужные устройства и настроить их таким образом чтобы для малой квартиры можно было измерять электропотребление

  1. опросить датчики с периодичностью 1 раз в секунду
  2. сохранять эти данные в формате “CVS”
  3. последующий анализ данных из потребителей электроэнергии

Прошу порекомендовать полный комплект нужных устройств и рекомендации по поводу оптимального решения для решения задач 1 и 2.

достаточно ли купить и подключить эти устройства: для достижения моей цели?

  1. WB-MAP3E - Three-phase meter with RS-485, Modbus RTU
  1. KCT-6 - Split-core Current Transformer
  1. WB-USB485 - USB to RS-485 Interface Converter
  1. Wiren Board 7 - Programmable automation controller with open source Linux-based software

Если у вас готовые проекты, шаблоны, где я бы мог это видеть, как подключать модули и контроллеры?
Как это работает (видео, например)

С уважением

Good day.
“3. WB-USB485 - USB to RS-485 Interface Converter” not needed if you use WB7 controller.
Things 1, 2 and 4 will completely all the task. But you need a power supply such as Блок питания на DIN-рейку LI15-20B24PR2 - Wiren Board or similar.

Connection and setup documented in WIKI Трёхфазный счётчик электроэнергии WB-MAP3E — Wiren Board

CSV export work “out of the box”: Веб-интерфейс контроллеров Wiren Board — Wiren Board

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Thank you very much,

Here I have question more about selecting right power supply for future extension with few relays and modules. Potentially in the laboratory we will connect devices with motors, fridge or on/off lamps to measure electric consumption with Three phase Energy meter WB-MAP3E, so step by step:

1. Power supply

1.1. HDR-30-24 (24 V, 30 W, DIN) have output current 1.5 A more than [1.2]

1.2. LI15-20B24PR2 (24 V, 15 W, DIN) - this is your advice, as I understand WB7 require Power consumption average 3 W, up to 8 W with modem so 15W with current 0.63A should be enough or should we order with more current?

1.3. GST25E24-P1J (24 V, 25 W, power outlet) - does it have a * Protection against overload, short circuit, voltage surge? didn’t see in specification

1.4. LI60-20B24PR2 (24 V, 60 W, DIN) - Output voltage 24V, current 2.5A - in which case we should order this? give few examples please

1.5. Passive PoE (24 V, 24 W, Passive PoE) - this one I can order only if I want to use 1st port on board as a PoE supply.

2. Automation controller Wiren Board 7

2.1. WB7 will be used to Archiving Data from the device WB-MAP3E to CSV format?
2.2. Power supply will be connected to WB7 board on left corner GND V+ V- 9-48v
2.3. is it safe to power interface of Energy meter WB-MAP3E, with WB7 controller’s V-out?
please give an advice which should I use for powering Relays/Meters V-out or 5V out in the future?

3. Three phase Energy meter WB-MAP3E

3.1. Why there is a 2 pairs of RS-485 and 9-28 Volt supply for the three phase Energy meter WB-MAP3E? see picture here Трёхфазный счётчик электроэнергии WB-MAP3E — Wiren Board

3.2. Is it correct scheme of connection of WB7 Controller + WB-MAP3E ? (uploaded picture)
3.3. Please share wire connection scheme for combination of the
WB7 Controller + WB-MAP3E + current transformers + WB-MR6 Relay

4. Detachable current transformers for Three phase Energy meter WB-MAP3E

Lets imagine that theoretically I want to measure energy consumption for the devices like washing machine, fridge, microwave, vacuum cleaner, or hair dryer together or separately.

4.1. Split-core Current Transformer / KCT-6 - is it good for measuring electricity in the wire for all lighting in theoretical rooms?
4.2. Transformer / ZEMCTK05-14 - will it be enough to measure energy consumption for the cable line which powering fridge, microwave etc?
4.2.1. Is it possible to put any Transformer separately on the channels 1CT +1- / +2- / +3- of WB-MAP3E and measure high load consuming devices at the same time on different channels? If yes, then advice which ones would be enough to measure different home devices with lighting ?

5. Relay modules below Wiren Board

5.1. below from Wiren Board, briefly Relay is kind of for switch on/off, inspite of their functionality?
5.2. Wirenboard WB-MRWL3 - 4500 watt total ? is it fine to use for example K1 port for the Kettle, K2 for Fridge and K3 for simple LED lamp ? Will it make collision if we use it in the same system as WB-MAP3E?
2-channel relay module with power measurement WB-MRWM2

5.3. Wirenboard WB-MR6 and Wirenboard WB-MR6C v.2 - are 2500 watt total with 10A & 16A max load?

5.4. Can you advice the Relay which we can use for Lighting control + simple on/off high load devices such as Kettle or Fridge/ Boiler for example?

6. Coming back to ordering items:

1 pc - Automation controller Wiren Board 7
1 pc - DIN rail DC power supply (or DC adapter) with output - 24 V~15W ???
1 pc - Three-phase electricity meter WB-MAP3E

? actually didn’t understand difference of use for those Current Transformers ?
1 pc - Split-core Current Transformer / KCT-6
2 pc - Transformer / ZEMCTK05-14 ? or another ?

Depending on which modules will be installed, it is necessary to choose a power supply, LI15-20B24PR2 is proposed as the minimum sufficient.

No. WirenBoard supports the so-called Passive Power over Ethernet (Passive PoE) with a voltage within the nominal range for the controller. Power is transmitted via unused pairs of Ethernet cable: “+” (“-”) by pair 4-5 (blue, white-blue), “-” (“+”) a pair of 7-8 (brown, white-brown). The polarity doesn’t matter.

2.1 Yes
2.2 Yes
2.3 Connect the devices from the power supply in series, from the power supply to the controller and then to the modules

3.1 These are lines coming from the previous device and going to the next device
3.2 Yes
3.3 You can find the connection for each of the devices in their documentation, there are also connection diagrams there.

4.1, 4.2 You can look at the specifications in the documentation and choose current transformers depending on your load and cable cross-section.
4.2.1 Most likely it will suit you better Многоканальный измеритель WB-MAP6S - Wiren Board

You have a voluminous request, it is difficult to cover everything at once.
The question of equipment selection is quite frequent, and in order not to repeat ourselves, we have specially prepared a cheat sheet for the selection of devices for this purpose:
Подбор оборудования Wirenboard под задачи автоматизации — Wiren Board.
You can look at the specifications in the documentation and choose the equipment for your load

This is enough for your initial request, if equipment is added, replacement may be required.

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Good day!

This tranformers have different maximum current values and are intended for different wire diameters. Choose optimal one for you.

PoE works only with port Ethernet 1.

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